Roll to roll

For the automatic production of bags, sheets and special bags on a roll, perforated from sealable polyethylene and polypropylene materials.


By the use of our automatic winder we guarantee a continuous and more efficient capacity utilization with our roll to roll machines.


Your production can save up to 20 minutes an hour in setup time.

Mactec automatic packaging machine in 3. generation

The Mactec automatic packaging machine takes up the winded roles from our Mactec automatic winder and packs it fully automatically into an outer bag.




This ensures that your film rolls remain clean from the outside and that another work step in your production is fully automated.




Depending on the design the working width is adjustable from 300 mm up to 2000 mm.

The perfect match for our Mactec automatic winder and your factory.

Depending to your needs you can integrate additional module options into your Mactec RM machine.

Our machines are also suitable for bio- and recycled films.

Technical data RM 1300 RM 1600 RM 2000
 Working width 1300mm  1600mm  2000mm
 Bag size 150 - 20000mm
 Film thickness  2x0,015 - 0,250mm
 Web speed 150m/min
 Cycle speed 150/min  120/min   110/min
 Roll diameter unwind 800/1200mm

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