Bottom sealer with needles

As an official sales partner of the company LWKB we are selling the LWKB bottom sealing machines with needles.

Thanks to the needle system of the LWKB bottom sealing machine there is a high performance and huge throughput of your film.

For the automatic production of bottom sealing bags and sacks from sealable polyethylene and polypropylene materials

Depending to your needs you can integrate additional module options into your LWKB-BN machine.

Technical Data LWKB-BN-1300 LWKB-BN-1600
 Working Width  1250mm  1550mm
 Bag Size  180 - 3000mm  180 - 3000mm
 Film Thickness  2x0,008 - 0,180mm  2x0,008 - 0,180mm
 Web Speed  150m/min   150m/min
 Cycle Speed  220/min   220/min


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