Bottom sealer without needles

For the automatic production of bottom sealing bags, sheets and special bags from sealable polyethylene and polypropylene materials. 

Optional with a stacking table or a gripper waggon.


Depending to your needs you can integrate additional module options into your Mactec BM machine.


Our machines are also suitable for bio- and recycled films.

Technical Data BM 1100 BM 1400
 Working Width  200 - 1100mm  200 - 1400mm
 Bag Size  140 - 2500mm  140 - 2500mm
 Film Thickness  2x0,015 - 0,200mm  2x0,015 - 0,200mm
 Web Speed  85m/min  85m/min
 Cycle Speed  30 - 150/min  30 - 140/min
 Roll Diam  800/1200mm  800/1200mm


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