Bottom sealer without needles

Thanks to our clamping system, our bottom sealing machines ensure that the film gets not damaged and that you therefore have less material waste.

The ideal machine for your clean room production:

  • Production for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Production for the food industry

For the automatic production of bottom sealing bags, sheets and special bags from sealable polyethylene and polypropylene materials:

  • Bottom sealed bags
  • Covered bags
  • Block bottom bags
  • Multiple chamber bags
  • Double seam bags

Optional with a stacking table, folding table or a gripper waggon.


Depending to your needs you can integrate additional module options into your Mactec BM machine.


Our machines are also suitable for bio- and recycled films.

Depending on the desired design of our Mactec bottom sealing machine, different clean room classes according to DIN ISO 14644-1 can be covered.

Technical Data BM 1100 BM 1400
 Working Width  200 - 1100mm  200 - 1400mm
 Bag Size  140 - 2500mm  140 - 2500mm
 Film Thickness  2x0,015 - 0,200mm  2x0,015 - 0,200mm
 Web Speed  85m/min  85m/min
 Cycle Speed  30 - 150/min  30 - 140/min
 Roll Diam  800/1200mm  800/1200mm

Has your old Arvor machine given up? No problem. Our Mactec bottom sealer is the ideal replacement for you and your production.

If you are interested in our machines, please don't hesitate to contact us.