Optional modules for MACTEC machinery

Choose between optional modules for the ideal combination of your individual machinery. 

Based on the offered module concept of our machinery we make it possible to adapt the product to almost any requirement.

Optional modules for roll to roll machinery

  • Unwinder with a friction driven servo
  • Winder ECO with one winding position
  • Automatic winder

Optional modules for side sealer machinery

  • Unwinder with a friction driven servo
  • Unwinder with a brake
  • Rhombe die cutter
  • Ultrasonic sound sealing
  • Diagonal sealing

Optional modules for bottom sealer machinery

  • Winder
  • Folding table
  • Longitudinal sealing
  • Unwinding wit a brake

Optional modules for MACTEC Big-Bag macinery

  • Y-sealing machanism
  • 138°-Liner
  • 90°-Liner

If you're interested in some modules, please don't hesitate to contact us.